Windham Farms LLC


Genetics & Breeding


Windham Farms, LLC, Proudly uses:

  • Aurum Labs

  • Phylos Bioscience

  • Medical Genomics

Know that the products you purchase from Windham Farms LLC are clean, pure, and viable.

We test for:

  • Cannaboids

  • Terpenes and other compounds

  • Genetics Types

  • Feminization

  • Purity

  • Percent of germination

  • Noxious weeds

  • Pesticides

Our laboratories are fully licensed for Industrial Hemp Testing.

Their processes and controls meet and exceed Colorado state testing regulations.

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Contact us:

Windham Farms LLC

(720) 584-3399

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Located in sunny and beautiful Southwest Colorado.

Michael Fowler, President


Aria Fowler, Vice President