Bred from superior genetics and a proven history, T-1 boasts uniformity between plants.  It has a short, stout structure with beautiful dark green, wide leaves.   it will push fat, chunky, sticky, terpene rich flowers that produce a moderate yield of 450 to 700 grams per plant.  


CBD percent averages between 10% and 12% in the field.  It is fairly slow to rise in THC levels and levels out after around 8 weeks of flower.  It can go 63 days or 9 weeks before crossing the .3% compliance level.*  





CBD: Total THC Ratio: 35:1

Sex:  Feminized

Type:  Indica

Plant genetic: Type III (CBD Dominant)

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Flowering Time:  8 Weeks (55 days)

Harvest:  September/October

Height:  3’ to 5’ tall

Growing Structure:  Short and bushy

Suitable Environments:  Warm and cool climates**

Production:  Outdoor, 450g to 700g***

Highlights:  Fairly mold resistant

Taste/Bouquet:  Fruity, berry overtones with minor undertones of maple.


*Weekly testing is strongly recommended beginning at week 3 of flower and continuing until either the plants reach 9 weeks of flower or they approach the .3% THC compliance limit.

**Environment will affect grow height, harvest date, and other factors.

***Using good farming practices and a proven fertilizer regimen.



T-1 (Trump) Seed Packs

  • Specially bred, stabilized, and fully feminized.  Carefully packaged and shipped for arrival in perfect condition.