Suver Haze is a quick finishing autoflower cultivar. In maturity, it stretches out to a proud 5’ to 6’ tall. As a sativa, it exhibits an airy, bushy structure with popcorn buds along its stems, making it fairly mold resistant. Suver Haze is surprisingly forgiving, healthy and a moderately heavy producer, especially if grown to full maturity. It is quick to shoot up in CBD as well as THC and will go to 16% to 18% CBD before THC crosses the legal threshold. It will develop beautiful buds with rich green to gold flowers.  Forgiving for amateurs and hobbyists.  Initial taste is a citrus/fruity taste with hints of wild berries, ending up with a finish more woody and earthy.



CBD: Total THC Ratio: 30:1

Sex: Feminized

Type: Sativa Dominant 

Plant genetic: Type III (CBD Dominant)

Flowering Type: Autoflower, around 4 to 5 weeks

Flowering Time: 50 to 60 days

Harvest: September/October Height: 5’ to 6’ tall

Growing Structure: Bushy, airy

Suitable Environments: Does well in warm and cool climates**

Production: Outdoor, 400g to 500g***

Highlights: Moderately mold resistant if outdoors or indoors with ample space and ventilation 

Taste/Bouquet: Citrusy/Berries with a woody, earthy finish.


*Weekly testing is strongly recommended beginning at week 3 of flower and continuing until either the plants reach 9 weeks of flower or they approach the .3% THC compliance limit. **Environment will affect grow height, harvest date, and other factors.

***Using good farming practices and a moderate fertilizer regimen.

Suver Haze Seed Packs