Cherry Blossom is a quick growing cultivar.  In maturity, it stretches out to a proud 5’ to 6’ tall.  As an Indica, it exhibits an airy, bushy structure making it mold resistant.  It is well suited for both humid and coastal areas as well as arid environments.


    Cherry Blossom is surprisingly forgiving, healthy and heavy producer, especially if grown to full maturity, whereupon the delta-9 should still be below the .3% threshold.  It will develop chunky clusters of rich green flowers that have a wonderful and fairly strong fruity taste/bouquet with hints of wild berries. 


    On Day 31 of flower, Cherry Blossom can hit .26% total THC indoors with CBD coming in at a staggering 11.93% making it quick to rise in THC as well as CBD.  At full maturity, delta-9 will reach 2.9% with CBD reaching 16% - 17.5%.  In the field,CBD shows between 10 and 11% at the point total THC hits  .3%.  While CBD climbs quickly, it also begins to deteriorate if left too long before harvesting.*





CBD:  12% - 17%

Total THC Ratio:   30:1

Sex:  Feminized

Type:  Indica

Plant genetic:  Type III (CBD Dominant)

Flowering Type:  Photoperiod

Flowering Time:  4 - 5.5 Weeks, 30 to 45 days

Harvest:  September/October 

Height:  5’ to 6’ tall

Growing Structure:  Bushy, airy

Suitable Environments:  Does well in warm and cool climates**

Production:  Outdoor, 400g to 600g***

Highlights:  Mold resistant

Taste/Bouquet:  Fruity, overtones with minor undertones of berries.


*Weekly testing is strongly recommended beginning at week 3 of flower and continuing until either the plants reach 9 weeks of flower or they approach the .3% THC compliance limit.

**Environment will affect grow height, harvest date, and other factors.

***Using good farming practices and a strong fertilizer regimen.



Cherry Blossom Seed Packs