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Windham Farms LLC is proud of our products and our community.  We show our pride by keeping up with federal and state laws and regulations.  We are not a "fly-by-night" organization, nor are we an "under-the-table"  type of business.  We only hire experienced growers and employees and we will always put our customers first under the directives of the federal government, state government, and the Department of Agriculture.

Click the links below to see our current licenses/registrations for the business as well as for seed/labeling.   

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license/state ag registration
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Windham Farms LLC strongly believes in testing well past minimum state requirements. We test for  purity, potency, terpenes and other compounds in addition to gender and genetic makeup.
Aurum Labs tests for purity, potency, cannabinoid ratios, and other custom testing.
Phylos Bioscience tests for plant sex.
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