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Our Story

Windham Farms is named for the owner's grandfather, Johnnie Windham, born November 2, 1921 in the thriving county of Grenada, Mississippi.  In December of 1936, he married the love of his life, Miss Ruby Caffey and together they not only raised their two children, Betty and Joanne, but they created a highly successful farming business that would survive to this day.

Johnnie began farming at a young age and quickly became one of the top farmers in Mississippi, winning the state's Farmer of the Year recognition and other awards at a time when farming huge acreage was rare due to the lack of high-tech automation and when farming was something many, many people did.  

Johnnie was intelligent and he was an innovator.  This was a key factor in his success and was a trait he passed down through the generations.  During the Great Depression, steel was hard to come by and Johnnie needed a planter so he designed and fabricated one from 50 gallon drums.  It is this creative innovation that we bring to Windham Farms LLC.

Johnnie wasn't just an exceptional farmer, he was a good businessman and was well-connected with industry professionals, locals, and active in his church .  Click below for more information and a gallery of photos including one of Johnnie with J. Edgar Hoover!

Johnnie Windham's Story

At Windham Farms LLC, we believe that the finest quality CBD and hemp begin with the best of genetics.  We use and produce only top quality, high-grade genetics.  

Our Genetics

The growers at Windham Farms, LLC have over 50 years of farming and growing experience in all aspects of the hemp growing process.  They know just the right nutrients to give, just how much and how often, and they meticulously care for the plants until just the perfect time. 

Our Growers

Windham Farms, LLC only grows quality, clean, organic hemp seed to produce the best performing plants and the highest quality CBD products. We take our time and make sure our hemp is harvested only at its prime maturity.

Our Process

Windham Farms LLC


Genetics & Breeding
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Michael Fowler, Johnnie's grandson, started Windham Farms, along with his wife, Aria Fowler, as a legacy farm to honor Johnnie Windham. Michael is a 3rd generation farmer. As such, he knows just what our crops need and when they need it.  "We lovingly cultivate our crops,  giving them all the organic, clean nutrients they need to produce quality, viable seeds that will develop into strong, vigorous hemp plants and which produce high quality flower."   The growing conditions in sun-drenched southwestern Colorado and the 4-Corners area provide the perfect climate for the perfect seeds.  Top all this off with an experienced and capable crew and you have the golden combination that shows in our product.  Our goal is not only provide exceptional seeds, but to offer unsurpassed customer service and post-sale support.  


Owner Michael Fowler has 40 years of farming, cultivation, genetics and breeding experience.  Being one of the top growers in the country, he has an uncanny ability to read plants and to produce exceptional quality seeds, flowers and biomass in all settings including large-scale indoor and outdoor operations. His indepth breeding and genetics education and experience top it off, allowing him to continue his work in creating unique, stable and specialized cultivars.  Keep visiting our site to see his new strains!

Co-owner Aria Fowler brings the organizational and business skills with her business/finance degree and three decades of experience. She attended the University of Texas and Western Governor's University and has owned several successful and profitable businesses. She has been on several boards of directors including multi-million dollar companies.  Her wisdom and experience in law, real estate, other areas span over 35 years.