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Windham Farms INC

(720) 584-3399

Located in sunny and beautiful Southwest Colorado.

Michael Fowler, President



Aria Fowler, Vice President


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       Premium Feminized      

    CBD/CBG Hemp Seeds  

Windham Farms INC


Genetics & Breeding

At Windham Farms, INC, we believe that the finest quality CBD and hemp begin with the best of genetics.  We use and produce only top quality, high-grade genetics.  

Our Genetics


Windham Farms INC is now accepting selected farmers' orders for CBG seeds that will be ready for the spring planting season.  If interested, please submit your contact information so you can be placed on our list!

Windham Farms, INC only grows quality, clean, organic hemp seed to produce the best performing plants and the highest quality CBD products. We take our time and make sure our hemp is harvested only at its prime maturity.

Our Growers

The growers at Windham Farms, INC have over 50 years of farming experience and experience with all aspects of the hemp growing process.  They know just the right nutrients to give, just how much and how often, and they meticulously care for the plants until just the perfect time. 

Our Process